On one hand, the influx of technology into the advertising domain made picking up a brush, sketching, dabbling with real colours, even doodling a rare event in the life of a Commercial Artist. On the other hand, the lack of industry mechanics and infrastructure saw Fine Artists struggle in vain to find their rightful place under the sun. We, at sphinx, intended to make a start to change that.

Hitting the sketchpad & serenading the canvas was woven into the work-life of our Commercial Artists. What began as monthly workshops evolved into a fullfledged illustrations business unit. Fine Artists were taken into the sphinx family to pour their expressions onto the canvas, unrestrained. The result has been, simply magical.

We now seek to take these creations to art patrons with the capacity to appreciate the true value of expressions of an artist. With their support we aspire to build a stronger platform to bring Art & Artists into the mainstream of life and living.